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You can’t avoid age-related changes in your skin, from poor tone and texture to wrinkles and brown spots. However, you can diminish their appearance with a natural PRP facial. Eros Medical Group has extensive experience using your own platelets to treat your face, stimulate skin renewal, and restore a more youthful appearance. To learn whether your skin might improve with a vampire facial, call the office or book an appointment online.

Vampire Facial Q & A

How does platelet-rich plasma (PRP) rejuvenate my face?

Vampire procedures were named for their use of PRP, which is made from blood. PRP consists of a small amount of plasma that has a higher concentration of platelets than the number typically in your blood.

Platelets contain proteins called growth factors, which your body uses to repair old tissues and heal injured tissues. When Eros Medical Group infuses your skin with PRP, it triggers the production of skin cells, collagen, elastin, blood vessels, and other tissues needed to rejuvenate your skin.

Where does PRP for my facial come from?

Your PRP facial is safe because Eros Medical Group makes it in the office from your own blood. After taking a blood sample, they place it in a centrifuge. As the centrifuge spins the blood, the platelets and plasma are separated from the rest of the blood cells. After he mixes a concentrated amount of platelets with a small amount of plasma, your PRP is ready for your facial.

How is microneedling used during my PRP facial?

Before PRP can improve your skin, it must get below the surface. Eros Medical Group uses microneedling to make that happen. The microneedling device has many small needles that rapidly puncture your skin, making numerous micro-punctures or channels over your face.

After microneedling, Eros Medical Group applies PRP, which penetrates deep into your skin through the channels. Microneedling also enhances your PRP facial because it triggers additional collagen production.

What skin problems are treated with a PRP facial?

Your PRP facial rejuvenates your appearance by:

  • Softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Strengthening and tightening your skin
  • Diminishing hyperpigmented areas (brown spots)
  • Improving tone and texture

You’ll gradually see the improvement as old skin sheds and is replaced with new collagen-rich skin.

What other services may complement my PRP facial?

Eros Medical Group offers comprehensive facial services that improve the results of your facial and help you maintain your improved appearance after a PRP treatment. These additional services include:

  • Stem cell therapy
  • HydraFacial™
  • IV skin glowing infusion
  • LED facial light therapy
  • Daily peptide serum

Eros Medical Group often combines stem cell therapy with PRP. Adult stem cells are easily extracted from a small sample of your own fat, then the doctor applies them to your face along with PRP. Stem cells release growth factors and continuously self-replicate to produce all the different types of cells needed to rejuvenate your face.

If you have questions about PRP facials or would like to schedule an appointment, call Eros Medical Group or use the online booking tool.